Elbow Gang 2!

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No Lotion 2: The Great Repression

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No Lotion 3: Studio 54!

Cop NL3 : Studio54 3/25/2016.

No Lotion feat. Ashy Larry

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Feb 15, 2016

NEW single from NL3 : Studio 54.... HUNGRY!

Check out the newest single from the NL3 : Studio 54 album. email us to order an autographed copy! Will be available everywhere digitally 3/24/2016. Enjoy!

Nov 19, 2015

Elbow Gang 2! Out NOW!!!!

Elbow Gang 2 Mixtape!

Elbow Gang 2 mixtape is out now!

Feb 18, 2015

Happy ASH WEDNESDAY Ashy L Bowz New Single ROCK THE MIC!!!

Happy Ash Wednesday Ash Holes! We originally wanted to drop this final album today but couldnt get it done in time. Good news is the first single is ready and here for yall to celebrate Ash Wednesday with. Check out Rock the Mic and let us know what you think in the comments. Peace not grease. Elbow Gang for life!

Nov 26, 2014

NEW FREESTYLE _____LifeStyle? Young Thug diss?

So lets just say I get bored at night and I like to crack jokes and rap. I was told you can say anything you want to say to anyone as long as you say #NoOffense so... No offense Young Thug. I dont know what #DaFuq you are saying. Im just letting you know. Ash holes drop a comment let me know your thought and if theres any other tracks you might want me to. Dont forget that new Album coming soon.


Nov 7, 2014

ShadyXV Cypher SlaughterHouse King Crooked, Joe Budden, Joel Ortiz, Yelawork, Royce the 5'9 and Eminem!

As we return to regularity on NoLotion.com I couldnt think of a better way or time or Hip hop happening than with this ShadyXV Cypher. A good display by Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf but Marshall definitely brings it back to the essence and shows off some true Rap God wizardry. Check out this ShadyXV cypher. No beats just bars #datsAshy

Dec 1, 2013

Tripl3 of Ashy L Bowz releases Diss Freestyle Interlude : Karl Malone!

Seems lie someone pissed  Tripl3 of  like they kicked his dog then stole his bike. He tells us "The homie Red from Line for Line let me know that someone was out there talking reckless about the team. After I heard the "diss" record I decided to put him on notice why he should never mention me the Ashy L Bowz or Line for Line." Not usually known for his battle rap prowess. Tripl3 also puts us on notice that the skill is also a part of his impressive lyrical arsenal. Peep the nearly four minute long diss interlude as he calls it entitled "Karl Malone" over the classic Nas "Made you Look" instrumental. The intro sets a comedic tone over Mase' "Jealous Guy". Amidst the intro Trips alludes to the Ashy L Bowz upcoming "No Lotion 3: Studio 54" album as well as his own solo project "No More Mr. Nice Guy".  Check it out let us know what you think

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Feb 21, 2012

NEW! Ashy L Bowz -Magic!

Our ode to the all the ladies across the globe keeping a roof over they heads by removing they clothes. Get the single on itunes HERE

or download the whole NL2: The Great Repression album HERE

No Lotion 2: The Great Repression - Ashy L Bowz

NEW! Ashy L Bowz -Budget Love!

I know you used to slow cd's and dom P but tonight its 8 tracks and six packs while I hit that" lol Budget Love Baby

Get this Single on itunes HERE or download the entire NL 2: The Great Repression album
No Lotion 2: The Great Repression - Ashy L Bowz

May 16, 2011

NEW! Ashy L Bowz - Fuq Work Make Music!

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Apr 20, 2011

New 4/20 MUSIC! Ashy L Bowz "Down 2 My Last"

Download Down 2 My Last HERE!

Ever wanted to smoke but just didnt have it in the budget. Enough for weed but not rollings.... or enough for rollings and weed but not munchies....