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No Lotion feat. Ashy Larry

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Aug 28, 2009

Common & Questlove Interview

Raekwon - Walk with Me (Snippet)

Alchemist & Havoc interview on Toca Tuesdays

Aug 20, 2009

Jay Dilla ft Havoc and Raekwon - 24K Rap

Lupe on the Value of quality Lyrics

MTV speaking on their top MC's poll

Honestly i think this is a sucker move because Hov and Wayne and some other heavyhitters are LOW (1%) on the polls right now. Expect to see a "sudden" Jay and Wayne jump in the polls

Wish they Were on That: Alchemist and Big Boi

Cam isnt falling for the okee doke!

"Meet me at the tri-boro" - Cam lmao!!!!!! Smart man!

Jay Z ft. Kanye and Rihanna - Run This Town

Aug 19, 2009

Mos Def and Jay Electronica perform Exhibit B

Can't wait for dudes album to drop. him and Just seem like the chemistry is on point and that goes a loooooong way in making great music

Serius Jones - Gig

Freeway Green Lantern Interview

Aug 13, 2009

Charlie Baltimore returns new single is Bubbling!!!!

Actually she was seen in Philly soaping up an SUV at a car wash..... Dont know why but shes looking like she needs a crunch membership and a couple ideas or something. keep ya head up

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri breakup footage lol!!!

F-ing Hilarious shout out to whoeva thought to do this

Aug 11, 2009

MTV Hottest Mc's Current Poll results

Can't even front, i'm surprised of Joey and Banks being so high but hey they been dropping some serious bars this year

Rick Ross - Bossy Lady

Steele & Shabaam Shadeeq Freestyle: RS Radio

Can't wait to hear that Smif n Wessun and Pete Rock album!

Currensy out in NYC

Daz - Life Stagez

XXL I Know Rap People: Slaughterhouse

Royce approaches The Chefs Camp

Aug 10, 2009


Many may have already heard but Joe Budden was recently approached by Raekwon from the Wu along with some other Clansmen. The end result Joe Buddens catches and Eye Jammie and is forced to apologize to the entire Wu on Camera and Mickey Factz almost wets his pants.... check the Footage. Both of these guys try to make being shook and not standing up behind their words sound tough.

Joe Buddens

Mickey Factz

Aug 9, 2009

Ashy L Bowz on Real Deal Radio!!!

We took a trip out to New Jeruz and met up with Paulie Hussle, Crusifix and the crew from Real Deal Radio. Some real Dope Hip Hop energy in that camp check the episode.

Aug 7, 2009

Brisco Robbed in Miami Barbershop

Smh at the cop "dialect"

New MIXTAPE Coast 2 Coast DJs Present: Return of Real Black Radio, Hip-Hop & R&B Vol. 12!!!

Check out this new Mixtape from Fuse Box Radio and DJ Fusion Coast 2 Coast DJs Present: Return of Real Black Radio, Hip-Hop & R&B Vol. 12. All the songs are edited so bump it round the kiddies.


Camron - Cousin Bang


Aug 6, 2009

MTV speaking on Shyne's possibilites

Eminem Mariah Diss Track WARNING!!!!

Now this shit is fucking dope.... I think her and Nick should keep both their mouths shut....


Ancient Egyption sculpture looks like Michael Jackson!

Now this right here is just crazy.... the sculpture is about 3,000 years old and looks like MJ from the remember the time video..... jacked up nose and all.

Aug 5, 2009

Cassidy And Meek Millz Freestyle

Jay Z speaks on Blueprint 3 cover

Raekwon Speaks on Dilla

Jay Z & Eminem Performing Renegade