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No Lotion 2: The Great Repression

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No Lotion feat. Ashy Larry

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Dec 15, 2010

Ashy Money - Ashy L Bowz feat. Ms. FeFe - Ambitious

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Oh yes its Wednesday again and that means another hot joint from ya favorite rap duo. This joint is Ambitious feat Ms. FeFe of the NAB produced by SEV.

Dec 8, 2010

Fuq Wut U Think - Ashy L Bowz feat Mista Mista

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Another Wednesday another dope joint from your favorite Rap Duo. This one features Rhode Islands own Mista Mista. enjoy and Keep it Ashy

Dec 1, 2010

Do the Damn Thang - Ashy L Bowz feat. Maddmann!

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Another Ashy Wednesday another  New Track from the Elbow Boyz
This is "Do the Damn Thang" feat. MaddMann.
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