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Dec 29, 2009

MaddMann the Drunk Reporter Interviews Kanye West!!!

In case you missed any of his previous interviews here they are

Lil Wayne

50 Cent

Dec 23, 2009

Big Lou beefing wit Kay Slay!!!!

Wow I remember when we performed with Big Lou in Long Island for 721 Productions (shout out to Mecca), Slay was the host and the signing situation popped off after that show. Crazy to see how things turn out this is a greasy industry.

Kay Slays Response
Part 1


Rapper M-Eighty breaks freestyle record 9hrs 15minutes 15 seconds

Over the weekend, the Longest Freestyle Rap record, recorded by the Guinness World Records, was broken at the hands of -- or tongue rather -- of Midwest rapper M-Eighty.

The rapper reportedly rhymed for nine hours, fifteen minutes and fifteen seconds on Saturday (December 19) to break the record previously held by Canadian emcee D.O.

MC Supernatural also previously rhymed for nine hours, but his feat was not recognized by Guinness World Records.

"Today was an amazing feat and a marvelous accomplishment for myself as an artist and as a person," said M-Eighty after breaking the record. "Right here, right now I have something that no one can take away from me or try to discredit.

"I thank my many hip-hop inspirations and those who attended today's event for allowing me to conquer this goal," he continued. "I feel like I have finally done something that even the people who hate me have no choice but to respect and congratulate and that is a rare and good feeling."

While he did break the record, officials from Guinness must review the footage of M-Eighty's freestyle and make sure the proper paperwork was submitted before the rapper is officially credited with setting the new record.

According to a press release, the rapper is donating money to a cause in Nigeria with money raised during record-breaking feat.

"M-Eighty's Guinness World Record breaking achievement has been fundamental in raising $30,000 in order to build a model secondary school in the Bodo River States of Nigeria," the statement reads.

For more info on the cause, or to make your own donation, visit TimmyFoundation.org.

Jay-Z new video Forever Young!

I thought this was one of the better songs on the album glad to see they did a video for it. The director did a great job of diversifying the audience but I think I would have preferred to see it in color.

Dec 21, 2009

Kobe Lebron Santa (Krs) and Lupe the reindeer Nike commercial

Dope!!!! reminds me of the sprite hip hop campaign from the 90's

Dec 16, 2009

Christmans Gift idea for that Thug in your life!

Dont know what to get your favorite goon this holiday season get him a Thuggie"

Dec 12, 2009

Tiger Wood Sex Tape!!!

Tiger Woods Sex tape high-larious

Dec 2, 2009

Tiger Wood voicemail to his Jump off

Damn All I can say is I guess he aint get the smarts from his asian side. She probably tried to extort him.