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Dec 1, 2013

Tripl3 of Ashy L Bowz releases Diss Freestyle Interlude : Karl Malone!

Seems lie someone pissed  Tripl3 of  like they kicked his dog then stole his bike. He tells us "The homie Red from Line for Line let me know that someone was out there talking reckless about the team. After I heard the "diss" record I decided to put him on notice why he should never mention me the Ashy L Bowz or Line for Line." Not usually known for his battle rap prowess. Tripl3 also puts us on notice that the skill is also a part of his impressive lyrical arsenal. Peep the nearly four minute long diss interlude as he calls it entitled "Karl Malone" over the classic Nas "Made you Look" instrumental. The intro sets a comedic tone over Mase' "Jealous Guy". Amidst the intro Trips alludes to the Ashy L Bowz upcoming "No Lotion 3: Studio 54" album as well as his own solo project "No More Mr. Nice Guy".  Check it out let us know what you think

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