Jan 2, 2009

2008 Month by Month in Review Hip Hop and Pop Culture.

As we end 2008 and head into 2009. I think the best way to bring in the new year is to remember the last. Everyone welcome to the first installment of the Bow Blogz


Hip Hop

  • Articles were published that 50, Wyclef and MJB are tied to steroid trafficking. You know what that means…50’s jacked but got a small wang hahahahaha
  • Eminem is hospitalized, reports indicate his weight exceeds 200 pounds.
  • Flo Rida breaks record for digital sales in a week with 470,000. Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur, THE FUR~ people were loving that joint for a minute.
  • Jay Z steps down as Def Jam president and LA Reid takes over. Time for a real executive to run Def Jam.
  • Hookmaster Nate Dogg suffers a stroke.

How can we begin without BRITNEY SPEARS - still, amazingly, the most-searched term on Yahoo. A few days into 2008, she melts down spectacularly, ending up in a hospital after locking herself in a room with her young son. We don't need Dr. Phil to tell us this girl needs help, though he does. Celeb magazines freely diagnose her as bipolar. (But more on Britney later.)

And true tragedy strikes when actor HEATH LEDGER dies of an accidental prescription drug overdose in a New York apartment, cutting short a brilliant career.


  • Game goes to jail. For name-dropping on every one of his songs.
  • DJ Khaled starts his label, We the Best Music, starting what seems to be a never-ending headache.
  • Nas announces his the title of his new album. White people are outraged.
  • Static Major passes away, R.I.P.
  • Hip hop legend KRS-One signs with reemerging independent label, Duck Down Records but you now know nothing will ever come of it, a la Rakim + Aftermath.

The Obama slogan "Yes We Can" ricochets across the Web in rapper and songwriter WILL.I.AM's viral video hit, starring a host of celebrities.

And "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" spoofs the media's fondness for Obama - later, Hillary Rodham Clinton will refer to the skit in a real debate.

HOLLYWOOD WRITERS, meanwhile, end their 100-day strike. Days later, the OSCARS air to dismal ratings.



  • Luda and DTP finds a new home in Def Jam.
  • “Elephant in the Sand” gets released and the beef between 50 and Joey Crack continues.
  • On the other hand, Royce Da 5′9″ and Eminem squash their beef.
  • T.I. get his third strike, trying to buy M16’s and grenade launchers and shit.
  • 50 starts beef with Rick Ross.
  • Nate Dogg pleads guilty to a domestic violence charge. What are you doing Nate? You just had a stroke!

Obama may be the Internet candidate, but here's an Internet sensation he'd prefer disappear: video of his former pastor JEREMIAH WRIGHT, making incendiary comments that will give Obama a major political headache.



  • Hov signs a crazy $150,000,000 deal with Live Nation. Did I mention crazy?!
  • Diddy tells people to keep an eye out for Janelle Monae.
  • Bobby Valentino ditches Luda and the DTP gang.
  • UK lets Snoop back into the country.

MILEY CYRUS is a genuine superstar at age 15, a role model to countless girls. So what's the problem? A few pesky photos shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair. They show the Disney princess, aka Hannah Montana of course, in a come-hither pose, with a bare back and shoulders. A rare bump in the road for this teen phenom.



  • DMX does what he does best, gets arrested. This time, for animal cruelty.
  • Suge Knight somehow stays relevant in the hiphop scene, gets assaulted and hospitalized.
  • Remy Ma’s 25 year sentence was shortened to 8.
  • Mass Appeal magazine calls it quits.
  • With the help of single, “the Boss,” Rick Ross’ album is the first to reach Gold status in 2008.
  • Nas is forced to change his album title to Nas.
  • Saigon gets kicked out of Atlantic Records.
  • Polow da Don is named Songwriter of the Year.
  • Blind NY Governor David Paterson pardons Slick Rick.
  • Yung Joc starts a label, resulting in Hotstylz and the ridiculous single “Lookin’ Boy.”

After four years and endless buildup, the "SEX AND THE CITY" gals return in a feature-length film. Will Carrie find happiness with Mr. Big? Yes, but even happier are the producers, after a $55.7 million opening weekend - unprecedented for a chick flick. And this IS a chick flick. Men flock to root canal appointments.

HARRISON FORD returns as Indiana Jones - at age 65! We doubt Hollywood would be so kind to a 65-year-old actress. And speaking of older women, they're said to be behind the "American Idol" victory of 25-year-old DAVID COOK, who beats the baby-faced 17-year-old, DAVID ARCHULETA, breaking the hearts of countless tween girls.

Los Angeles street artist SHEPARD FAIREY creates his wildly popular poster of Obama, a red-white-and-blue hued image of the candidate gazing ahead, underlined by the word "HOPE."



  • Charli Baltimore is still around? Indeed she is, still with Murder Inc.
  • Nas changes his album title yet again, this time to Untitled.
  • Weezy’s Carter III sells over a million the first week.
  • DMX doesn’t have a valid driver’s license on him so what happens…?
  • D-Block starts working on another group album.
  • BET loses major sponsorships such as Pepsi, GM, Proctor & Gamble for their obscene music videos.
  • Nate Dogg is arrested for making terrorist threats at his girlfriend.

TIM RUSSERT dies at 58 of a sudden heart attack, after more than 16 years in one of the most influential jobs in TV news - moderator of NBC's "Meet The Press." The death causes some baby boomers to start to wonder about their own health.

A computer-animated science fiction romance? Leave it to Pixar. After "The Incredibles," "Ratatouille" and "Cars," another triumph for the studio comes in the form of "WALL-E," a futuristic film about love between two robots.



  • 50 starts beef….with Taco Bell, for using his name without permission. Doesn’t he know “50 Cent” is a term before he jacked it for himself?
  • Gucci Mane is arrested for gun and drug charges. What else is new with rappers these days?
  • Carter III hits certified double platinum.
  • Bone Thugz n Harmony reunite, every member this time. But nobody cares.
  • Before he was a rapper whose main topics are drug trafficking, it’s revealed that Rick Ross was a correctional officer.

Bonjour to the new JOLIE-PITT twins, who emerge in France, where parents ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT are hunkered down on their enormous estate. And BATMANIA reigns, thanks to LEDGER'S stunning (and posthumous) portrayal of the Joker in "The Dark Knight."

BRITNEY and PARIS make their unwitting entrance into the campaign, fodder for McCain's commercial mocking Obama as "the biggest celebrity in the world." Hilton, though, gets the last laugh: The doe-eyed hotel heiress, lounging in a leopard-print swimsuit, offers up a much cleverer video riposte.



  • Dr. Dre won’t let his daughter rap.
  • Big Boi and Killer Mike make peace.
  • Yung Berg follows Gucci Mane, gets arrested for possession of drugs and weapons.
  • Cam’ron sells Juelz Santana’s soul to Def Jam for $2 million.
  • After a smart investment in Vitamin Water, 50 tops Forbes’ 2008 Hip Hop Cash Kings.
  • After much anticipation, Game’s album L.A.X gets leaked before the release date, but I didn’t care. Did you?

Call this the anti-celebrity month: Wary after that Britney-Paris spot, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY does its very best to de-emphasize the celeb factor at its convention in Denver. Meanwhile, McCain's anti-celebrity campaign unveils its own, well, celebrity: the telegenic PALIN, who bursts onto the scene with a speech that galvanizes the GOP convention.

MADONNA turns 50! And the chiseled superstar is hardly alone. Also hitting the half-century mark this year: MICHAEL JACKSON, PRINCE and ELLEN DEGENERES.


  • Yung Berg gets mugged for his Transformers necklace. If it wasn’t for his arrest a month earlier, he’d be in jail for shooting the bastard.
  • Kanye flips on the paparazzi.
  • 50 learns but not enough apparently. He announces his album release, a week before Kanye’s.
  • T.I’s Paper Trail releases to his biggest debut yet.
  • Nate Dogg suffers his second stroke of the year. That’s what you get for making terrorist threats at your girl!

"I can see Russia from my house!" FEY debuts her impersonation of PALIN on "Saturday Night Live." Kudos to the "SNL" writers, but you can't say Palin doesn't give them plenty of material - including verbatim chunks of her rambling exchanges with KATIE COURIC. The CBS anchor, long plagued by low ratings and high expectations, makes a welcome comeback.

Also making a comeback: the '60s, with all that guilt-free smoking, thanks to "MAD MEN," the evocative drama on cable's AMC. "Mad Men" wins an Emmy this month, thrilling its small but hugely loyal audience.



  • Maino smacks Yung Berg is the face. Berg wishes he still had his guns on him.
  • Eminem announces the title of his new album, Relapse.
  • Lil Jon signs to Universal Republic Records but no one cares anymore. WHAT!…..YEAH!

Shall we just call it "HSM3"? And if you don't know what that means, you probably won't be seeing the movie. "High School Musical 3: Senior Year," the big-screen sequel to the two Disney TV movies, sings and dances its fresh-faced way to the top of the box office, thanks to the durable appeal of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and the other "HSM" alums.

"SNL" scores its highest ratings in 14 years when it snags the ultimate prize: Palin herself. The VP candidate proves a game cast member, obliging happily when Amy Poehler shouts out: "All the mavericks in the house, put your hands up!" "

And JOE THE PLUMBER makes his debut, as a constant reference in the third presidential debate. Later, Joe, aka Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, 34, campaigns for McCain and Palin.



  • Lupe announces he will retire after his third album, E.N.D which will be a triple cd set. He plans to release a book about a life of a window washer after his music career.
  • Kanye West releases his album, 808s and Heartbreaks on Nov. 25th, to mixed reviews.
  • Chamillionaire reuses original formula, releases single called “Creepin,” not surprisingly similar to “Ridin.”

Yeah yeah, Obama is elected, but we'll reserve the pop culture prize this month for OPRAH WINFREY. Weeping on the shoulder of a stranger at Obama's victory rally, and gushing uncontrollably on her postelection show, the talk-show queen can surely claim a little credit for the triumph of her "favorite guy." Two economists even claim she brought Obama a million votes in the primaries.



  • The Wu announce nationwide tour. Their new music sucks but I’ll def check their shows.
  • Common’s latest release, “Universal Mind Control” is greeted with weak reviews…even from Chi-Town!!
  • The DJ who invented the scratch, Grandmaster Flash announces an album to be out in February.
  • Dark Man X is arrested once again….is it getting old yet?
  • Jim Jones says Jay Z’s flow is gorgeous but he’s just gorgeous……..no comment.
  • 50 announces even he’s hit hard with the bad economy.

Any true pop culture story must end as we started: with BRITNEY - for, after a year in which she seemed to reach the depths, this famously durable young woman is in the midst of an astonishing comeback, with "Circus," her latest CD, reaching No.1 on the album charts, according to her label, Jive. At 27, she seems to be not only "the world's pop princess," as her manager says. She's the world's pop culture princess, too.




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