Jan 2, 2009

Lil Kim tries to fight bouncer at New Years Party

January 02, 2009. According to one of our tipsters, a club bouncer started beating on one of her peeps … and Lil Kim flew into action.

Here's what we heard:

As I was waiting on line to get into the New York nightclub house on the early hrs of New Years Day, the line is stopped cause Lil Kim rolls up in a black Expedition.

[Just] as she's about to walk into the club, a male member of her posse gets into it with a bouncer who really isn't aware of what's going on. [The bouncer] proceeds to put the member of Kim's posse into a choke hold and body slams him. In the process of doing so, he knocks Kim to the ground hard.

Kim gets really loud and pissed and proceeds to charge after the bouncer. Luckily someone held her back cause she would be looking at another charge, The bouncer was in complete shock he kept on saying "Dam I didn't know it was you"

Kim was put into the truck that sped off.

Apparently Kim ain't learn here lesson from last time. Leave the fighting to the big boys mama



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