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Nov 26, 2014

NEW FREESTYLE _____LifeStyle? Young Thug diss?

So lets just say I get bored at night and I like to crack jokes and rap. I was told you can say anything you want to say to anyone as long as you say #NoOffense so... No offense Young Thug. I dont know what #DaFuq you are saying. Im just letting you know. Ash holes drop a comment let me know your thought and if theres any other tracks you might want me to. Dont forget that new Album coming soon.


Nov 7, 2014

ShadyXV Cypher SlaughterHouse King Crooked, Joe Budden, Joel Ortiz, Yelawork, Royce the 5'9 and Eminem!

As we return to regularity on NoLotion.com I couldnt think of a better way or time or Hip hop happening than with this ShadyXV Cypher. A good display by Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf but Marshall definitely brings it back to the essence and shows off some true Rap God wizardry. Check out this ShadyXV cypher. No beats just bars #datsAshy