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Jun 29, 2009

#BETsux from twitter!

Our latest rant was why BET sux. Again all of these are jokes but some may hold an air of truth to them. If your offended... build a bridge and get over it.

BET sux:

cuz 106 and park is shot on 57th street

cuz they let A.J rock dredds wit a fade on the side like that wuz hot

cuz no more Joe Clair, Big Lez, Big Tigger, Donnie Simpson, Sherry Carter & the chick from Carribean Rythms

cuz they took Hitz off the air

cuz everytime they go 2 commercial I gotta turn down the TV

cuz Teen Summit doesnt come on anymore

cuz they would rather play Nicki Minaj then some Lauryn Hill or Eryka Badu.

cuz they cut uncut

cuz no ones makes black people look coonier than they do

cuz they got Yoplait as a sponser and black people dont eat no fricken yoplait

cuz Mary Mary's gospel sounds like a wayne single

cuz Ms Cita

cuz BET in HD looks the same as regular tv

cuz it's jus black entertainment.. Hardly ever any Black education

Joe Jackson is COLD BLOODED!!!

Joe Jackson talks about MJ on the red Carpet of the BET awards and to me it sounds insincere. He doesnt even speak on the subject has his publicist read a statement, brings out his lawyer and then plugs his own record company. what do yall think?

Jun 24, 2009

Fathers Day Sux Twitter Recap

So anyone that follows us on twitter knows that sometimes we pick a topic and rant and make jokes about it for as long as we can think of something funny or even sad but true. Last Sundays victim was Fathers Day. So heres our top whatever reasons why #FathersDaySux.

-cuz most of the people getting fathers day cards in the hood today are mothers

-cuz some dudes is getting cards from kids that aint even theirs

-cuz women don't give us trees and munchies like we give them flowers and candy

-if you don't have any kids!

-cuz fathers have more fun pushin them in than women have pushin them out

-cuz a few chics have called me daddy but never gave me a card

-cuz yesterday should have been "bitch I wore a rubber day"

-cuz theres no baby daddies day

-cuz we ain't celbratin shit till we get these results

-Cuz shaq made the best fathers day rap song ever

-cuz trojan doesnt give out refunds on broken rubbers

-cuz somewhere 1 mother is taking 6 kids to 5 different mens houses

-cuz we not tipping the stripper with the stretch marks any more

-cuz we cant use them ties and macaroni cards as child support coupons

-cuz mothers day gifts come from the jewelry store, fathers day gifts come from the corner bodega

-cuz in the hood fathers day is like playing wheres waldo

-cuz in the hood not only do most kids forget fathers day but most fathers forget they have kids

-Cuz Mother Fuqers day sounds cooler"

Sean Price Launches RUCKDOWN!!!!

50 Cent MTV Interview

Styles P interview with All Access DVD

Jun 22, 2009

Clipse ft. Kanye - Kinda like a big deal

50 cent on Enuff's A-list Radio

Hip Hop Legends @ BB Kings

Jun 15, 2009

Slaughterhouse is for the ladies LMAO!!!!!

Now this is Comedy

Jun 8, 2009

Kid Cudi @ the Roots Picnic

Toca Tuesdays Freestyle - Mickey Factz

Tahiry King Magazine Photoshoot

Wale interview with 24 hiphop

T-Pain got a BIG ASS CHAIN!!!- literally

With Jay declaring the Death of Autotune. the Captain of autotune himself took the time out to prove hes not worried by flashing his "Big Ass Chain". I must say this is the pinacle of coonery to me but it is damn hilarious. In his defense T-Pain says his 36 cars and house is paid for and his daughter has a 5 mill trust fund. I guess once you've got all that taken care of theres nothing left to buy but a "Big ASS CHAIN"