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No Lotion 2: The Great Repression

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No Lotion feat. Ashy Larry

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May 31, 2010

NEW LP "Viva la Reva-Lotion" Free

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So its looking like were back..... Yeah I know its been a little bit of a hiatus since we dropped "The Great
 Repression" (cop that if you havent already) and we got some big projects in the works so we figured we come back with a lead off hitter to introduce and re-introduce ourselves to everyone. "Viva la Reva-Lotion" there will be some other surprises that come along with this LP so definitely stay tuned but for now just enjoy the music .....

Peace not Grease

The Ashy L Bowz

May 23, 2010

New Elbow Radio PodCast feat Music Mystro.

Check out the newest Elbow Radio PodCast on i-tunes or check it out streaming on www.NoLotion.com/radio. This episode we chop it up with Super producer Music Mystro we talk about the legends and current artists hes produced for and the issue of rappers not respecting the producer. Plus Who Gives a Fuq news AShyPN Sports and the Elbow Radio top 10! Check it out.

May 3, 2010

Ashy L Bowz Celebrate 4/20 performing at the NYC Weed Rally!

Last year on 4/20 we were blessed enough to attend the High Times Magazine secret party. Not only that but editor Bobby Black gave us the chance to perform and we burned it down! So this year when Senior cultivation Editor Danny Danko and the person that runs @high_times_magazine told us there would be no party for us to perform new shit like Luv My Weed in from of a bunch of stoners, we were disappointed. But because of a referral from Danny and the dopeness of Luv My Weed we were invited to perform at the 4/20 Rally in Union Square Park not the best sound system but we made it work by hooking up Snuff's i-phone to the speakers since they had no cd player. #thatsAshy. We also met up with the dudes that run the NYC chapter of NORML the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Its crazy to see people passionate about legalizing weed. Shout to Moses for Holding the i-phone, and Jay Goldstein for puttin it all together.  Peep the flicks. We couldnt get much performance footage but its out there somewhere. Oh and shout out to Lenny from AllHailMaryJane.com Peace not grease.
How could I forget (short term memory loss I guess) we had also released part 5 in the How to Roll a Blunt series. It had to be broken into to two parts but still high-larious. And if you've never seen the other episodes tune into THC TV on NoLotion.com http://nolotionnation.ning.com/page/thc-tv. Enjoy!