Mar 18, 2009

Diddy's top ten list of forms of Bitchassedness!

10. Guys who wear pants so tight u can see their calf muscles and CLAIM they're straight! that's

9. The definition of bitchassness is telling someone they cant do something because you failed at it yourself.

8. BITCHASSNESS = Tellin people your weave is your hair.... COME ON NOW LADIES. He will know when he touches

7. My definition of Bitchassness? A.I.G....!!! (What's a.i.g.)?

6. N*ggas that wear colored contacts... LOL LOL!!!!!

5. Women that lie & say they don’t usually give head on the first date... LOL!!!

4. BitchAssNess is when someone's negativity or negative qualities drag down the efforts of us as individuals...

3. Bitchassness is not taking care of ur kids, because the baby mamas don't want to take care of you!! LOL!!

2. Tweeters who expect to get a reply to EVERYTHING they say-"i'm not following diddy anymore, he nvr tweets back!"

1. Bitchassness=giving up on your dreams!.. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

Im sure theres more things thats bitch assed but I agree with most of them.... I am mad at number 2 tho. Puff you bitch when the Ashy L Bowz tweet you better tweet back damnit!!!!



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