Jan 6, 2009

Keisha Cole Stalking Young JeezY?!?!?!

An interesting rumor is going around Atlanta. Word on the street is that R&B singer Keyshia Cole has become obsessed with rapper Young Jeezy ... and is now stalking him.

Keyshia Cole has been trying DESPERATELY to get back together with Young Jeezy. But that Jeezy has been avoiding her – and not returning her calls or messages.

And there's more, Keyshia has been showing up uninvited to Atlanta clubs and attempting to confront him about his actions. Jeezy was set to perform at Velvet and Keisha showed up with friends, including [R&B singer] Monica. Apparently she was trying to meet him face to face that night ... [Jeezy] left the club."

The insider speculated that Jeezy is considering legal action against Keyshia and that he "may take out a restraining order against Keyshia."

Word is theres a video of Keyshia talking slick about Jeezy in a ATL club. Here's an excerpt of what she said:

I’m just doing my thing out here. Keeping that money popping so that I can handle my business the way it should be handled…without a MAN.

I’ve been single for like a year now but it’s all good regardless. Shout out to Young Jeezy! I mean I haven’t talked to him in about a year but shout out to Young Jeezy …!



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